Trouble In Bed?

There are all kinds of products these days that help men function sexually. Most of these are aimed at achieving erections while others are made so you can have larger penises. I am John Wiggum and I would like to talk about some of the ways you can counter the troubles you are having in bed. Men’s sexual health isn’t as simple an issue as many believe it to be.

The Medication

Viagra is possibly the most successful drug since penicillin. It achieves its results without any negative side effects. It has been a miracle for men’s sexual health and has affected every man with erectile dysfunction. That is the same as saying every man over the age of 40. It is a vasodilator which means that it makes the blood vessels widen so it can allow more blood to flow. The penis is an extension of the skin which fills with blood so increasing blood flow to the it will allow you to have an erection. It is a simple solution to a simple problem which has made millions of lives a lot better.

The Habits

You may not know it but some of your habits are ruining your sex life. Many factors affect men’s sexual health more than erectile dysfunction and infertility. Bith of which are affected by:

1) Unhealthy Diet
2) Lack of exercise
3) Smoking
4) Drinking
5) Stress
6) Drugs

As these habits destroy your manhood there are habits that help restore it. The Kegel exercise for instance strengthens the muscles that hold your penis in place. This exercise will help prevent erectile dysfunction and help get achieve erections more regularly. Using lubricants during masturbation may not seem very important but as men grow older they tend to lose sensitivity in their penis. Using lubricants will help you retain the sensitivity and help enjoy sex in later life. It may seem obvious but you must go to your doctor for yearly checkups. His will help you figure out what you need to be doing in order to maintain your sex drive and obviously point out any problems you might have.

The Attitude

Men’s sexual health may affect a man’s performance in bed but so can his attitude. It is much more than widely publicized that men only think about themselves during sex and even though I can say that it is not true for everyone, I cannot deny it is true for the majority. This needs to change if you want to enjoy a healthy sex life. Having great sex is not dictated by the size of your penis. Having the right attitude can get you a long way. Talk to your partner about their masturbation routines. This will help you understand what gets them to an orgasm. Go to an adult toy store and buy some devices to help you satisfy your partner. If you want a healthy sex life, you have to make sure you are also thinking of the person you are having sex with. There is no I in sex.

Snip it

Men’s sexual health has a lot of concerns that need to be considered. There is the risk of pregnancy which makes everyone stand up on their toes. Then there is the big concern about sexually transmitted diseases. So how does the issue of HIV/AIDS compare to that of the circumcision. My name is Ronald Johansson and I would like to discuss the issue of snipping it and its apparent benefits.

The Reason for Circumcision

The culture of circumcision began with the Jewish people. They were the first to exercise circumcision. During the eighteenth century people thought it would discourage a man from masturbating. I am actually laughing while writing this sentence. I can vouch for every circumcised man in the world when they tell you it has absolutely no effect whatsoever. Then we come to the apparent health issues. It was believed that circumcision helped protect men’s sexual health by preventing diseases. This was actually written as a reason in the book of pediatrics to perform circumcision on new born children. This was changed however and now it says there is no medical justification for circumcision. Contrary to what pro circumcision groups tell you there are no greater risks of penile cancer found for uncircumcised penises. There is slightly more maintenance to be done regarding hygiene and though there are two conditions when circumcision is necessary, there is no real medical justification for circumcision.

Aesthetic Reasons

A flaccid penis may give distinctive looks depending on the circumcision status but a fully erect one looks just about the same. That is not to say that foreskins are not visible. They are but it really is no reason to start snipping it. I will admit that people fear what is unfamiliar to them but they are certainly aware of uncircumcised penises. There really is no need to snip your penis for aesthetic purposes.

Sexual Reasons

Groups that oppose circumcision of babies say that the foreskin has more sensitive nerve endings which may help enjoy sex better. Circumcising babies may not seem like a sexual issue but it is part of men’s sexual health. As is female genital mutilation and although the research supporting or opposing this theory does not exist, if in fact circumcision reduces sexual enjoyment then it is just as big an issue as female genital mutilation.

I want my Foreskin Back

Well, it is not that uncommon actually that someone who was circumcised wants his foreskin back. Same as it is not uncommon for men to want to get circumcised for aesthetic reasons. The thing is getting circumcised only takes a few minutes and a couple of weeks in recovery, getting back your foreskin involves years of pulling at your skin to extend and grow the skin over the tip of your penis. So think twice before snipping it by choice.
Circumcision may not seem as serious an issue regarding men’s sexual health as HIV/Aids or pregnancy, but it has definitely spurred on debate throughout the world.

Watch your Habits

One could make the mistake of thinking that because of Viagra men’s sexual health problems have regarding erectile dysfunction has been solved. While to a great extent it is true, there are still issues that cannot be solved by Viagra. I am Holden Mcgrath and I am a middle aged man who would love it if I didn’t need medication to get erections.

The problems

When it comes to men’s sexual health the two biggest concerns that go through a man’s head are erectile dysfunction and infertility. Erectile dysfunction I the result of lack of blood flow to the penis. Viagra solves this by opening the blood vessels to allow blood to flow to the penis. While Viagra is a great solution, you will always have a first time when you are puzzled by your little friend’s unresponsiveness. It is quite embarrassing. Infertility on the other hand can be downright depressing as you discover your swimmers can’t cross the lake anymore. There are some habitual changes you can make however that will help you maintain a satisfactory sexual performance.

The habits

Men’s sexual health problems; at least for the most part; can be solved by making few habitual adjustments. Smoking and excessive drinking are the primary reasons for erectile dysfunction and impotency. While drinking in moderation can be a solution there is no such thing as smoking in moderation. So if you smoke quitting is your only option.

Your diet can play a big role in your libido. A diet rich in fat will cause clogging up of blood vessels and cause hindrance in blood flow. A high protein, low-fat diet rich in vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables will help boost both your potency and performance. Exercising helps blood flow. If you do not exercise regularly then chances are a you will need a lot of Viagra in the coming years. The Kegel exercise is particularly helpful in increasing sexual performance as it strengthens the muscles that hold the penis in place. Attitude plays a part in erectile dysfunction. People with a negative approach to life living in a stressful environment are more likely to get erectile dysfunction that a person in a stress free environment. Drugs have a profound effect in sexual performance. Cadmium is found in marijuana which causes gonadismwhich is the diminished activity of the testes. Expect similar results from other drugs too. Using lubricants during masturbation helps the nerves in your penis retain sensation as you get older. It may not seem that important now but as you reach middle age you are sure to discover the necessity of sensitivity.

These habits can really prolong your sexual performance for a long time to come. You may not need to use Viagra at all until you reach 70 if you play your cards right. It is essential that you make regular appointments with the doctor. It may surprise you see what a few healthier habits can do for your sexual health.